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DECREE – our right to live in freedom



We, as conscious human beings, representing humanity of Mother Earth ask the HIGHEST CONSCIOUSNESS and the SOURCE of ALL-THAT-IS:

Connected to my inner high consciousness, with a pure heart, in unity consciousness, and resonating with the frequencies of the Galactic Order, I (Name …., born … ), together with all those conscious divine beings, who would like to connect at this point, decree the following requests from the HIGHEST CONSCIOUSNESS and from the SOURCE of ALL-THAT-IS, and call as witnesses the Creator Angels of the SOURCE of ALL-THAT-IS:

+ As positive, benevolent and conscious human beings we REQUEST that all negative and destructive people are strictly FORBIDDEN to unload ALL their self-created thoughts and emotions onto their fellow human beings. It is also strictly FORBIDDEN to damage Mother Earth.

+ We REQUEST our FREEDOM from their incursions. We REQUEST respect for Creation Earth, Life as such, for our fellow human beings, plants and animals, and respect for the Galactic Order. Regarding these requests all human beings must now be held responsible for their actions to the HIGHEST CONSCIOUSNESS. This is therefore also a final warning.

+ We REQUEST the exchange of souls or the withdrawal of all unruly human or non-human beings who do not wish to end their evil game. All political corporations, lodges, secret societies, sects, main-stream media, think-tanks, military institutions, pornography and paedophilia institutions, destructive experimental and production facilities must be dissolved, because they are directed against life and freedom. Their members must be faced with the final decision to either end the duality game or leave the planet. Members of dictatorial politics, the cabal, the elite, the Deep State, the Pharma-Corporations or other lodges and alliances must face prosecution, taking responsibility for their past actions. Off course, plans such as 5G, war preparations, destructive medical exploitation, i.e. chemo or using chemtrails, must be stopped immediately and all resources still invested in these areas must be withdrawn immediately!

+ We REQUEST that the CENTRAL SUN removes or neutralizes all poisons and other substances which are harmful to Life, and are used for wars, in medicine, as pharmaceuticals or in chemtrails!

+ We REQUEST the closure of HAARP facilities, and underground bases, as well as the elimination of all destructive satellites!

+ We REQUEST the removal of all previously unknown inhuman and destructive facilities and substances!

+ Congruent with the Galactic Order we REQUEST freedom of opinion and dissolution of any censorship! (Excludes compulsory vaccination!)

+ We REQUEST that all human beings are liberated from manipulations and that all non-human parts, which have been involuntarily installed, are removed.

We, as self-responsible human beings, want to unite in PEACE and in mutual, benevolent understanding. Together with Mother Earth and all living beings we want to lead with true and pure LOVE, in TRUTHFULNESS and in absolute FREEDOM, helping each other to lead a fulfilling and happy LIFE. We want to help each other in our understanding of unity consciousness. Our presence on Earth and any new ideas about Life shall turn this planet into a happy place again.

We ask the HIGHEST CONSCIOUSNESS and the SOURCE of ALL-THAT-IS, as well as our Primordial Creator, to increase vibration. We also ask for the release of our talents and our data carriers, in order to activate our DNA in due time, as well as for guidance, accompaniment and support in our projects, especially financial support, in order to be able to implement the new projects.

THANK YOU for the fulfillment of our demands.

THANK YOU for a quick manifestation.

Thanks for making it happen.




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