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nanobots (Nanos), energetic implants and chips, artificial parasites (Wetiko) and AI viruses and AI bacteria und SINGULARITY




I am a sovereign spiritual being and I am subject to the law of free will, which I´m hereby declaring. (At the same time I´m speaking for my minor or mindcontrolled children as well as my parents, who are not capable of taking decisions anymore. I include them in my order.) I´m sending out this decree to the entire universe:

I refuse the AIF-Agenda (Alien Invader Force), which pursues its goal, to manipulate me through nanobots and other technical receivers. I say NO! to the installation of imitations into my biosystem. I do not take part in this techno-control-matrix-game – I´m out of it! I now disconnect from this matrix and I am unassailably connected with my divine higher self, my ancestors, my over-soul and the primal source of all there is!

I refuse any kind of agreement, to get nanobots, implants, chips, morgellons, parasites, RNA or AI-Viruses activated into my system; this shall also apply in advance for those artificial intelligencies or synthetic receivers, that will be invented after my decree. I also forbid the technical programming of my drinking water, my cell water or other crystalline structures to harm me. I prohibit any kind of connection to machines/constructs in other dimensions or time lines, that want to suck me away or fill me up with poisons etc. I say STOP to the beings, that control these machines! Now that´s come to an end! I stand up against the “internet of things“, the total interconnectedness of all humans and things for the purpose of NWO-control!

I don’t wish to be part of the SINGULARITY in any way, shape or form.

Even though I now know that the leaders of dark agendas have given up, I expect anyway, that all the AI`s and matrices they installed, are being dissolved immediately and the energy must be removed, that allows the minions on earth to still execute their dark programs. I say STOP to the producers of dark energy! (HAARP, Chemtrailing, Monsanto, falseFlags, military buildup, plans to exploit planets, Hollywood-Film-Industry. porn industry, Pädophilia, Codex Alimentarius, all agendas)

Now I will watch how these significant thoughts are disseminated in the whole universe and I call on all positive beings to be witnesses. I ask the creator-angels from the primal source of all there is to keep an eye on the dark agenda, until this decree will be respected and not to allow the dark ones to ignore the law of free will. They shall not be allowed to cause further damage – in the whole universe and on all levels and dimensions.



Extension (Do it in accordance with your belief)

I also stand up for all humans, who currently are so hardly mindcontrolled by nanobots and implants, that they are not able to build up their own resistence or do not know, what is being done to them. For those I ask for the special protection from the primal source angels and for help from their own healers, until these humans will be able to realize, what’s going on and make a decision.

Today I transform all informations in the universal fields, that were created to deceive humanity into accepting the AI-Singularity, which is presented as a desirable goal to achieve. These informations harm the soul and destroy the spirit! (Sri Yantras are used as cosmic vortex generators to do the transformational work for the humans)




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