The following is – in my opinion – the most important contribution to this HP so far!  I advise you to not only read it, but to practise it too! During the course of the next few days I will add a few more tips.

I wish everybody the most optimal success on the journey “Back to the Primeval-Source through Consciousness”!

Maggie D.


How will this redemption out of this dual world take place?


With authorization of the Source


The Primeval-Source experiences Itself through us.


In the world of duality you are gathering experiences of a dual kind for the Primeval-Source – thus also for yourself. To know what it is like to be “full of light” – you have to be “full of darkness”. Only then you will know what it is to be full of light.


To know what it is to be (Primeval-Source-) Love – you have to experience fear, hate – the opposite of love. Only then you will really know what Primeval-Source Love is – as a lived-through experience!


To know what unity and entirety is – you first have to experience separation, the opposite of unity. Then only will you know in the depth of your inner being, what Primeval-Source-Unity is.


The Primeval-Source has created these dual dimensions as a field of experiences for Itself. Here It can experience It’s Primeval-Source-qualities, which are altogether full of light. Admittedly by experiencing the opposite of what It is – through us, which means through Itself, for we are Primeval-Source. The deeper these experiences, the darker and the more dreary and the more frightening they are – the more the Primeval-Source recognizes It’s own Light-qualities through these dual experiences.


However, the Primeval-Source does not valuate these dark-pain-separation-experiences. It only experiences them, to experience who It is, how It is, how it is to be Primeval-Source. Without us – the parts of the Primeval-Source, which have been sent out into duality by It – It could not have these experiences.


Redemption – Ascent

Up to now this plane of experience has been provoked to the extreme. The experiences of the lowest-frequenced, deepest, most painful kind have been made. Now the journey back – the ascent starts, the ascent, the remembering!

The work of redemption hereby is only necessary , because we have – at a certain point, began to valuate experiences into good and bad, desirable and undesirable. These valuations, and the thus resulting separations, pain, traumatisation … are the ones that need transforming. Not the experiences themselves. These will forever remain in the “quantum-field” of the Primeval-Source. Thus we have to step out of these valuations, to be able to ascend into the higher-frequency planes. Once all possible or rather planned experiences have been made, and all valuations, and the pain and the blockades connected to them, are redeemed – we step out of the duality, and ascend up to the Primeval-Source of All-that-is – which we have always been and which we are!

Earth exists in many dimensions, not only in this 3-dimensionality of our “world” – she exists in all dimensions and planes – “up” to the Primeval-Source of All-that-is!

When Earth steps out of this 3rd-dimension of the “now” into the 5th-dimension, her body will become more etherical – in as much as should she succeed to ascend with her body. Has this body been damaged before beyond repair – she will leave it behind and ascend without her body.

It is just the same with us and our bodies – ascent to higher-frequenced planes is always possible with or without the physical body.

With Earth no longer existent in the 3rd dimension, the beings, which long to keep on playing in the low-frequenced Experience-field are being deprived of their playground. It is almost impossible to find a frequency-wise equivalent “home”, a different playground, which still offers this school-class-grade of these experiences. Because the depth of experiences in the matrix-mirror-world here, are unique in all of Creation.


It was an extremely daring experiment, to penetrate into the lowest possible point of the virtual separation from the Primeval-Source, experiencing the most heart-wrenching sorrow and grief, and the utmost possible form of non-freedom and slavery.

The peculiarity of this was the highest possible pain connected to the valuations, which had not been intended in this form originally! During the course of experience-“ages”, this situation has resulted in a new game-variation, to penetrate even deeper into the dual vectors.

There has never – in all of Creation been such a low-frequenced schooling or training-field before. But these experiences are now provoked to the extreme, and the way back and the exit out of this valuation-pain-playground has begun.

At the moment however, you are still stuck in the time-loop of your valuations, because you find it so difficult to let go off them. Here Consciousness is the way!


Therefore be consciousness! Be consciousness!

As long as you keep on living/acting out your valuations in this extreme form, your energies will be too low-frequenced for the ascent. You have to switch over to the pure field of consciousness. Put your foot outside of this field of valuation into the purest consciousness – observe everything from the outside, and fuse the dual experience-poles, i.e  through Hooponoponos!

(Note Maggie D.: Examples for training will follow during the next few days)

Earth will ascend into the 5th dimension – this she has decided, and this she will achieve. Once the exit out of the 3rd, and the ascent into the 5th dimension is completed, no further building-blocks for physical bodies of your kind will be available from Earth. The low-frequenced astral-planes are not yet closed then, but the beings existing there, can no longer incarnate on earth in physical bodies, because the building-blocks for the formation of bodies are missing, and the plane of the physical life in this form is no longer existent, but has become higher-frequenced. Whether they can get there depends on the degree of their consciousness. New forms of redemption, which are possible without bodies will be provided for them. As well as for those beings, who still don’t want to finalize their experiences in the matrix-world.

The programming and manipulations from the dark-side in the matrix-world will be abolished anytime for you – whenever you signal readiness for redemption. This is the case, when you are ready to give up your valuations, judgements, condemnations and believe/religious-dogmas – and really stick to it.

The matrix-experiences are then finished. But not the duality. Dual experiences are possible in the lower planes of the 5th dimension as well.

Nobody will be still remaining on Earth in the matrix(es?). These will be “closed”. Earth will be lifted up out of the matrixes. For redemption-resistent-extreme-matrix-duality-researchers there will be another form of redemption.

But duality is herewith not yet over. There are beings who still remain in the duality, because they still want to gather more experiences. But this will be different than on Earth: without matrixes, without valuations and judgement, without guilt and atonement and without that narrow prison. Which means the valuation of the dual experience is extensively eliminated – as well as the pain and hurt resulting thereof! They are only experiences in the duality. But there are also many others, who leave the duality, and carry on living in other non-dual dimensions, to gather experiences of a different kind. And there are beings who immediately return back into full consciousness – into the Unity of All-that-is and work/are effective from there.


Ascent as an individual or collectively

The ascent will not take place on a certain date. You can only ascend within you, in your personal light-channel back to the Primeval-Source. There have always been beings who have gone this way of ascension.


However you can make this ascension-experience together with those who are also ascending – as a collective experience. For this there are certain portals, which are opened at certain times. All beings who are ready at this “point-in-time” will then ascend collectively.