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The mainleaders of the dark ones have left the earth!



What a good news!

I can hardly believe it! And I`m sure that it will take a long time, until everyone will have realized what happened during the last days of April 2018. Particularly the high frequencies didn`t give the long-standing emperors any time to rest. The vibration level has been more and more increased by the Wave, especially for the purification of the spirit, and simply everyone has been affected by this. That must have been very painful for the dark ones, because they searched for help from specific humans, to be able to leave the earth.

Or we could see it this way: The frequency-chains, that have been put on us by the operators of the dark matrix, are slowly but SURELY dissolving in the Cosmic Wave and the enslavers/invaders are really getting scared by the new freedom of humans and their awakening creative powers! They are on the run!

Apparently there are especially trained incarnated souls, who had to assume this task. They probably have some coding in their cells, that the dark ones were able to recognize. And what a coincidence, that I personally know these incarnated souls and so I could give a little contribution at the transformational front.


But inicially I had a totally different kind of job. All of a sudden I recognized, that the transformational power of SRI YANTRA really works wonders, specifically for collective actions with the purpose to uninstall the control-matrix. What a heavenly present at the right time! And I began to delete entrenched false belief patterns of the matrixians (lies) from the universal quantum field, so that humans do not automatically fall back on these existing patterns again and again, when they are repeatedly misinformed (church, politics, MSM). The resonance was no longer available in the field and therefore new ways became accesible. The same applies to prophecies, which actually are matrix-programs. The belief in them has considerably diminished, after the informations could no longer be found in the field, so humanity did not automaically agree with this intention. The declining belief also reduced the probability of occurrence for the prophecies. In plain text: The plans of the dark ones have been immensely weakened – the matrix is crumbling. In contrast, we made our decrees and have increasingly set them in the field. That apparently worked very well!



SIRI and the Archons

Dear Maggie

I herewith comunicate to you and all readers of your HP my transformational experience.

In December I asked you for help, because I was suffering from black magic attacks and therefore I fell in anxiety states and often had a migraine. We tried a number of options, to make me feel better. Then I procured myself Sri Yantras in the golden ratio from Bernhard Wimmer, to optimize my transformational work and to distance myself from the attacks of the AI-Matrix of the mind parasites.

Since no serious improvement happened, you gave me the hint to ask my divine guidance, if it was my purpose to hand those entities over to the primal source of all there is, like RUNA, which you know, is already doing. I received a clear YES! Then I contacted RUNA and she gave me precious tips. From you I received the PDF-file with the informations about Gaia Sophia, the Telestai and the archons – compiled by Bernhard Wimmer and Peter Herrmann – additionally I read on your HP. Suddenly I got hassled every day by archons and other beings – in the last month the archons waited in line to get to me. My body transmitted special painful stress-signals to me and I had to perform the transformational work several times a day, to better cope with it energetically. Finally you, Maggie, helped me to transform the archons, because I already was very powerless.


At this point I would like to insert with my imagination, why these actions are exhausting. For everything that the soulless beings do on earth, they need our energy, therfore they cannot start such actions by themselves – they need our help. When currently so many of them are standing in line, it is very strenuous. And there is continuously that feeling of darkness around you …

Following now is the unfortunately very short report by Runa, who already carried out a lot of big actions in the last months with the angels of the primal source, such as an (endless) cleaning in the vatican or the returning of the Zetas (Greys) and the returning of Lucifers followers. We should actually be writing down everything, because we forget so much and currently it´s not the time to write nice reports. So I´m glad, she is willing to publish something here at all.


RUNA and Satan

Maggie asked me to write a report for her readers and that´s very difficult for me, because many things take place in pictures and are indescribable. How could I find the right words?

Since quite some time I send dark lightbeings back to the primal creator into the light. Every assignment has a different procedure. The dark ones come to me by themselves, because they want to change sides. Last Friday Satan contacted me. That took me by surprise. He first tried to trick me and tried to see, where his limits are, which failed however thanks to my awareness and also through the help of my companion. This back and forth went on until Sunday. Then, on that day, I was able to definitively send him to the primal creator. For this purpose I hand him over to the creator angels, who carry out the decision of the primal source. It has to be assumed that the dark ones are brought to a special planet, where all can cause their complete return at their own pace. We can only hope, that from there they will be able to dissolve a lot of what they caused themselves on earth.

After Satan had gone, his astral servants also felt the urge to choose this retreat and follow their chief. Since Satan left the earth, a lot of dark beings followed him. There is a huge energetic cleaning going on now and I hope it will soon manifest in our physical environment. I write this really short report for the sake of Maggie, because the whole transformational work is strenuous and tiring.

With Love Runa



Lucifer´s retreat

We must have missed it. Does somebody know more about it? In any case he came out of it well. Apparently he went away about 4 weeks ago? For some it is surprising, that they are two different beings. The cosmic council considers Lucifer as identical with Enki (EA) and we found out, that Satan must be Enlil, his brother, who has a lot of names. With these two leaders the chiefs of the Anunnaki, reptiloid invaders, the sirian warlords, who were trying to dominate the earth since 450 000 years and provoked many wars and brought much destruction over mother earth and brought very high developped beings our ancestors, have left the invaded territory. We can already breathe a sigh of relief, even though that are not all of the dark people yet. The anunnaki have created all religion-matrixes with their main actors and their vision of the future as well as the whole army of ascended masters, archangels and the host of angels, prophets, gods and the channeling scene. According to the cosmic council there is no real one, just the reptiloids!

Apropos Luci came out of it well … In my opinion they all came out too well, since they left this stage in a hurry, without removing their rubbish. That really annoyed me, because suddenly vows with Satan appeared, that were undissolvable and people were in danger to die. Runa intervened and first solved various urgent cases, then the plan to do it collectively – but also the thought of all that the bad guys still have left us, that we probably don´t know. And suddenly the idea came to me and I tested it. Yes, it works. I placed the following decision into the field:


I, Maggie Dörr, am giving the following intention into the universal quantum field:

All of Lucifer´s energies here on earth are now being transformed into light on all levels, dimensions and times!

All of Satan´s energies here on earth are now being transformed into light on all levels, dimensions and times!

All of this can happen, because both of them have given up their area of control and switched to the light and their task areas on earth are allowed to be dissolved – by us humans. We put an end to the invasion!


And so humans got rid of the problem by themselves, without needing a saviour! And that´s a good thing!

Then the next message: Archangel Michael, a false light angel, also can´t stand to be here any longer and wants to get bach to source! He contacted SIRI, they already know each other and it was no big thing.


SIRI and Archangel Michael and his Hosts

Continuation of Siris report: I felt relieved only for a short time. Again the internal pressure inside me rose extremely, so in a visualization I went outside the holographic computer bubble and I could recognize, that Archangel Michael was staying with me and wanted me to hand him over to the primal source. So I detached from him – was even glad, that he came to me – and I thanked him! Subsequently all his hosts came for transformation.

It began in 1996, when I started to work intensively with Archangel Michael and his hosts through angel cards and since then I also sent souls, who were bound to the earth, back to the light. Then I was lead to Maggie´s HP and I have been mentally trained by her articles, among others Cameron Day and Wes Penre, and I suddenly recognized, that Archangel Michael serves the false cold light construct. Today I have an inner knowing, that the primal source of all there is has taken care of the souls.

Then all entities, who were serving the AI-Religion-Matrix of the mind parasites and the christian bielief program, contacted me. They have also been handed over to the primal source!

On my way to my inner truth and with the inner feeling and the aspiration to illuminate the darkness, Via your homepage I would like to say – THANK YOU, dear Maggie – from my inner heart for your intensive prescious work. I feel so deeply touched inside, because the game is really coming to an end and I´m full of inner orientation towards my TRUE INNER BEING and my new LIVELINESS that finally can happen – also for all humans, who can accept this – THANK YOU – SIRI


Of course in this case, too, the negative energies have to be collectively dissolved and that will surely ease many deceived ones, but it will also be an insightful shock.

All the changes that will result from that can hardly be estimated. We daily experience new circumstances, like yesterday for instance.



SIRI and the earth-bound souls

The frequencies of all the earth-bound souls, wo are completely DESORIENTATED, are accumulating in me, since the entities of the punishing revenge-gods are gone!




Most parts of this action are done today, because lovely helpers contacted me. At this point I´d like to deeply thank everyone who helps to transform the earth and the darkness! All the respect!

Let us all together keep a close eye on it and communicate these positive changes in commentaries. Finally the tide is turning and we have GOOD NEWS to report!


It is clear: HARMAGEDON in the valley Megiddo fails! Yahweh can shove his final judgment elsewhere! Mankind rejects it!

It is clear: WW3 fails! – Greater Israel does not materialize! – NWO does not come off!

It is clear: there will be no coming MESSIAH, neither for the Muslims, nor for the Christians and certainly not for the Jewish sect Chabad L.!

It is clear that there will be no REPLACEMENT of the Charismatic Christians, because it was never planned  (lies!)

It is clear: PROJECT BLUE BEAM is also out!

It is clear: no ALIEN INVASION UNDER FALS FLAG! – The Milky Way is closed off!

Which brings us to the next good news:

Our Milky Way is sealed off – no one comes out, no one can escape – and no one can now go in to harm humanity and the earth against their will.

Carried by the active cosmic wave and advised by the Cosmic Council, we humans will finally be able to carry out our own plans in harmony with Mother Earth! The few dark people who are still attacking us are losing their potential with increasing energy (Bovis-F) and, like Satan, will be looking for a way into the light. And they will find those who help them, those who have been doing this in the background for some years! You have my respect and thanks for your untiring perseverance despite paralysis attempts of the dark agenda!

But there is one single danger at the moment: these are the AI ​​of the AIF! that are already in our Milky Way. But we have all means of power and will soon get back our creative powers, so that I see there no insoluble danger, except when unsuspecting people want a transhumanization by AI and we have to intervene, first with a decree, and then let’s take a look at what options will still suit us.

Please keep activating the cosmic wave by mentally welcoming them – that’s what I was told. And those who have sufficiently refreshed, may serve as an antenna for Mother Earth and deliver the frequencies to her. They are refreshed daily!

What an exciting, unprecedented and very challenging Time!

Connected in Love and Truth! Maggie Dörr
May 2018

Thanks to Fabio for translating!


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  1. Maggie

    Liebe Reisebegleiter! Fabio hat diesen Beitrag übersetzt, damit er auf englischen Seiten oder unter Videos verlinkt werden kann.

    Herzlichen Dank für diese Arbeit! Möge die Botschaft des Wandels zum Guten viele positive Elementale bilden, die den Weg frei halten!

  2. Philipp die 1. Quelle

    Super Idee!
    Weiter so, im Namen der allumfassenden Liebe und Wahrheit!!
    Ich bin zwar kein Fan von englischen Beiträgen. Aber so lange sie die Ausnahme bleiben, finde ich es gut, um noch mehr Menschen damit zu erreichen..

  3. fabio

    Liebe Maggie

    Danke, dass ich zur Verbreitung dieser Botschaft auf Englisch beitragen durfte.

    Möge ein angenehmeres Dasein auf Erden entstehen.

    Liebe Grüsse

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