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I focus my attention towards the One-True-God, the Primeval-Source of All-that-is, and His Angels in His service, and in mine now too!


I let go of any pain of isolation, lack of relationship, withdrawal, refusal, denial of love, abandonment, being thrown aside, loneliness, ignorance, arrogance, rejection, exclusion and many more, – which had been inflicted on me by people – to my own benefit! (Like house-arrest, punishment/locked up in basement, withholding of love by parents as punishment, being abandoned/left alone by parents for good reasons/facts or in miss-judgement, having been put aside, not having been paid attention to etc.).


I realize that I am not, nor have I ever been a victim – but a learning, growing soul – I am now enriched in my experience which according to my Karma was suitable for me, and which I have selected for myself before!


I forgive all those involved in this plan – and I even thank them, that they were participating in it, because it all happened to my benefit!


I ask forgiveness for any false accusation/judgement of those involved! They bear no guilt, they are free! I let go off everything!


I now also forgive myself completely, that I have judged them, and have been upset with them – by reacting with retaliation and with negative emotions towards them! I love myself!


I accept responsibility for any incident in my childhood, and ask for purification and harmonization of all channels, and negative energies concerning the above mentioned experiences. I am deleting all corresponding programs, which are being stored within my DNA or within my sub-consciousness – including the open-door-ways and entanglements. May the Primeval-Source-Angels optimize this transformation – on whatever I have forgotten to mention, and fill everything with the Light and the Love of the Primeval-Source!


And may now only opposite, positive and harmonious events flow into my life, bringing me love, companionship, a feeling of wellness and peace!


Furthermore I ask that this decree be also used on behalf of my children – wherever I have afflicted them with above mentioned negative experiences – because I had been doing to them, the exact same that had been afflicted on me. I never wanted to react the way my parents did. I have judged them for it, and yet I did exactly the same – because it had turned into a program within me!

I ask them for forgiveness for all that, from the bottom of my heart!


Thank you, that this, my genuine decision is now being activated, and that all negative energies are now being transformed! Thank you that I can let go/release and that I can receive healing. Thank you, that also all other persons who were once involved in these situations, receive healing! Encompassing healing is taking place now!

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Ich wünsche eine gute erkenntnisreiche und von Erfolg gekrönte Bewusstseinsreise und freue mich über eure Erfahrungen auf dem Weg zum Ziel!
Falls du einen guten Beitrag zu den Themen hast oder wichtige aktuelle Infos, dann lass es mich wissen! Alle Leser werden dafür dankbar sein!
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